The Power of Co-Branding

Are you looking to revamp the type of gifts you send your clients? Or perhaps you want to reward your team for their hard work. Maybe you would just like to encourage more eco-friendly habits around your office. Whatever the reason, customizing a reusable Waikiki Bottle with your own logo is a great place to start.

Perfect For

Conferences and events

Corporate gifts

Employee rewards

New joiner packs

Goodie bags

Trade shows

The Benefits of Waikiki Bottle

The sleek and high-quality Waikiki Bottle is known for its beautiful design, temperature-keeping properties and no clink silicone base. It's the perfect item for standing out without breaking the bank. With growing awareness about the harmful environmental impact of single-use plastic, it's never too late to join the fight.

What Others Are Saying

"We absolutely LOVE the anti-clinking base - which can often be important behind the set" - The Voice UK

"Everybody is delighted with their bottle!" - Tech Start-Up

"We love that it's the only company with a take-back program" - International Bank

Request a Quote

We offer wholesale pricing and flexible retail options. It takes 10 to 15 business days on average for you to receive your order. To start, all we need is for you to send us a file of your logo, which we use to create a free graphic model of your customized bottle. If you like the design, we get to making your customized bottle straight away!

Take-Back Program

Waikiki is proud to be the first reusable bottle company to offer a take-back program: Send back your Waikiki Bottle when you’re done with it and we ensure that it gets recycled at its source. To thank you for keeping your bottle out of a landfill, customers who return their bottles get a discount on future purchases.

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