Customise your own

Looking to impress your team, customers or clients? Customise a Waikiki Bottle with your own brand logo and show them how special they are. Whether you are reselling or gifting, this is the perfect item for corporate events, trade shows, conferences and other special occasions.

Engrave your logo

Engrave your logo onto one of our sleek and eco-friendly reusable bottles. Your logo will appear as stainless steel when it is engraved onto the painted bottles. All we need is your logo file!

Making an Order

30 bottles minimum order

10 to 15 days delivery

3 colour choices

1 individual packaging per bottle

What Others Are Saying

"We absolutely LOVE the anti-clinking base - which can often be important behind the set" - The Voice UK

"Everybody is delighted with their bottle!" - Fire

"We love that it's the only company with a take-back program" - International bank

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