Sleek Design

Discover the high-end original design that elevates the standard of hydration products. The Waikiki Bottle stands out with its bold and minimal look, yet blends in with its functional and high quality materials. You will enjoy carrying it, drinking from it, and accessorizing it with the outfits you wear.

Top Performance

High-grade stainless steel, vacuum insulation, non-metallic taste. What more can you ask for from a bottle? We designed the Waikiki Bottle to ensure that whatever your liquid of choice - you are drinking it in its most pure and natural form. That means it's at the right temperature and without any taste of metal.

Keep your drinks 24 hrs cold and 12 hrs hot

Comfortable Sip

The Waikiki Bottle's smooth and rounded mouth allows for the most comfortable drinking experience. So much so that you won't like to put this bottle down! That's good news because staying hydrated is important, and we have made it our mission to keep you consistently fresh.

Smooth Use

Good design is all about the details. That's why we ensured the Waikiki Bottle would never make those awkward and clinky sounds that other stainless steel bottles make. The cushioned silicone base allows for functional and silent use, allowing you to enjoy your drinks in peace.

Cushioned silicone base for a functional and silent use


Nearly 1 million plastic bottles are used every day, and more than 80% end up in landfills instead of being recycled. By using and re filling your own stainless steel water bottle, you break the cycle of using and disposing plastic bottles. But what happens to your stainless steel water bottle after years of use, when you need to purchase a new one? Waikiki is proud to be the first water bottle company to offer a take-back program: send back your Waikiki Bottle when you’re done with it and we ensure that it gets recycled at its source. To thank you for keeping your bottle out of a landfill, customers who return their bottles get a discount on future purchases.

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